Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Kid Dad - In A Box

Isolation is a distinctive theme of 2020. It would be easy to assume that Kid Dad had titled their debut album as a direct result of the occurrences of this rather troubled year. However, the truth is that the German quartet have echoed the insular rock sound that Placebo championed in the mid-90s for quite a long while. And the album itself is in fact far from being a product of isolation. In fact the group spent time in England, China and Switzerland - alongside Germany - to write and record their debut. So, is it only the title that echoes the global situation, or have the quartet actually pre-empted the feelings we have all experienced in 2020 on their debut record?

The truth is that In A Box really is a record for the current time setting, yet it is one that has themes that have been recurrent in our personal journeys from time in memoriam. Yes, they have been heightened by the pandemic and many are perfectly explored in the grunge-rock sound that Kid Dad explore on their debut, but they are not new feelings and experiences.

As for their debut album, it could be argued that the musical road that the group have travelled is one that has once again been echoed throughout time, but in the hands of Kid Dad, the sounds delivered feel truly fresh and unique.

As with the aforementioned Placebo, Kid Dad centre on a compelling and distinctive vocalist. Brian Molko became one of the unforgettable icons from the 90s, and there is little doubt that Marcus Vieth has the very same potential. With a rather mystifying presence, he is enticing and compelling in his delivery, but allows the music to speak equally profoundly.

Almost the antithesis of the feelings many have right now, the album's stand out moment is delivered in The Wish of Being Alone. Although many of us are feeling isolated right now, he sings of a wish to show his point, but not necessarily a longing for that extra connection.

All in all, In A Box is an insular record that is about to break down many walls for a group destined for greatness. A stunning album.